Palazzo Cosimo Ridolfi - Via Maggio, 15 – 50121 Firenze, Italia (+39) 055 226 0126


We offer a catering service for corporate and private events of any type and size, in private historical locations and exclusive, original, environments, with which we have created synergistic relations. Over the years, we have also specialized in a private home chef service , for which we dedicate particular attention to the creation of menus which reflect the style and customs of the host.

Given our Florentine roots, it is in Florence and Tuscany that we do the maggiority of our events, even though we work throughout Italy.

We are like a tailor’s workshop where every dress is unique and unlike the previous one, because every client tells a story, has dreams and individual needs. It is, therefore, the quality of our service that distinguish us from others, as well as the warmth with which we treat the people who come to us. We assist them in a personal and complete way. See for yourself.

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