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Catering and banqueting for weddings.
When we are chosen as catering for a wedding, we know we are faced with a wonderful and delicate challenge. We aim to be the secret ingredient to a perfect recipe. This is why we dedicate a lot of care to our Newlyweds and the wedding planners who accompany them on this important day.
Wedding catering
We are able to create menus and atmospheres suitable for every wedding style: classic, country chic, vintage, modern and hippy.

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A classic wedding has its roots in the timeless elegance of our traditions. Extraordinary in its rigor, its success depends on the ability to create an elegant and refined atmosphere. The staging and menus will be decisive in winning this challenge.

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Hotel, loft or terrace. For your wedding you may have chosen one of these locations to give a modern and glamorous touch to your day. You will then need a catering service that will help you to create a chic production with bright colors, to choose a suitable ‘mise en place’ and find an original and trend right menu. We are ready!

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Any location surrounded by nature is a perfect setting for a country wedding. Vinyards, Country houses and farms are ideal places for this style. If this is your favour, we will help you design a country reception with natural colour, inspired by the land. Our production team will use materials such as wood, jute fabrics, linen and rope. Our menus will reflect the genuine flavours of our land.

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