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Taste and beauty
Food is our passion and the center of our catering service. We are tied to the Tuscan and Mediterranean culinary tradition, but we know how to expand between different flavours, proposing menus that follow the trends of the moment.

Thanks to our restaurant, Olio Restaurant, we are able to study and experiment with new dishes and revisit the classics, to ensure that we propose an excellent menu. Our focus: taste, but also aesthetics.

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A laboratory of creation
Olio Restaurant is a place of great charm. Unique in the Florentine panorama- it has a section dedicated to the sale of local quality food and wine and a beautiful open kitchen – it offers dishes that mix tradition and innovation, with great attention to aesthetic.

Olio Restaurant – located in Via di Santo Spirito, 4, near our headoffice – is the ideal place to organize tastings aimed at the choice of menus for our catering service. Thanks to an assistance and a direct collaboration with our chefs, it’s easy to find the menu that best suits your event.

olio rest Te

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tuscan excelsia catering Tortelli ripieni di burrata con pesto di basilico e verdurine croccanti su pappa al pomodoro morbida 400x400 - Plates
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051. Tortelli di brasata di chianina con sfoglia al mosto duva alluscetto dellorto con dadolata di melanzana fritta e cristallo di basilico 400x400 - Plates
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