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Competent, passionate people
Our company has roots in Florence and Tuscany that offer tailor-made catering services for unique events, operating throughout Italy. We are like a tailor that stands out for the quality of the service offered, for the warmth with which we relate to people and for the availability and assistance we give to our clients on all fronts.

Paolo Provvedi and Filippo Becagli set up our business in 2012, thanks to their immense experience in the banqueting sector, which began in 1986 with Convivium Firenze and matured over the years.

Valentina and Beatrice, also on board since the company was born, are the female faces of our company.


Thanks to his creativity and his excellent communication and interpersonal skills, Paolo Provvedi has been  active in the catering sector for more than thirty years. He has always distinguished himself for having started challenging and successful projects within his field, driven by his passion for cooking and hospitality. In 1986 he founded, along with some colleagues, Convivium Catering, leading him to become a cornerstone of Florentine gastronomy, and one of the most successful Italian catering companies.

It was Paolo who decided in 2012 to start another venture with a new company, Tuscan Excelsia, focusing on the ability to be – with his guidance- a point of reference for the management of a whole event. A Tailor made approach to the catering sector.

Paolo Provvedi Tuscan Excelsia

Filippo Becagli Tuscan Excelsia


Filippo Becagli Filippo Becagli started work at Convivium Firenze catering when he was very young. It was Paolo himself – as the founder- who introduced him into the company, after having got to know him and understanding his great potential.
In this professional environment Filippo matured great experience and demonstrated outstanding skill in organizing and managingimportant events.

Contact with important clients within the institutional, fashion, pharmaceutical industries (to name a few) allowed him to refine a sensitivity and a taste that led him to become an ‘artist’ of presentation. After his experience at Convivium, Filippo followed Paolo and together they founded Tuscan Excelsia.